Why Choose Cyprus as a Holiday Destination?


You may find yourself in need of a well-deserved holiday at this time of year, but when it comes to choosing a destination, the options may seem boring and limited to you, leaving the final decision a tough one to make. While you may find traveling to far off destinations in search of the sunshine time consuming, the European options may seem too cold to you. In such a case, when you are looking for a destination that will offer you almost everything you could wish for, why not head for a holiday in Cyprus?

The island is known for its year round sunshine, leaving it to market itself as a year round holiday destination. However, apart from the draws of the glorious weather in the whole of the Mediterranean, Cyprus has 8,000 years’ worth of religion and romantic mythology to explore and embrace. It is a perfect holiday destination, catering to the needs of everybody, no matter whether one is planning a romantic or a family-friendly holiday. With a wide variety of hotels and resorts to choose from, Cyprus offers packages and accommodation suitable for any budget and any type of holiday that you wish to enjoy.

However, besides all the popular attractions, one of the major reasons why you should choose Cyprus as a holiday destination is the home-like feeling that you get to experience on the island. Cyprus actually does feel like home from home as it offers everything you could ever want from a holiday including a wonderful Mediterranean climate whilst also being so English. The Cypriots have good hold of the English language, and it is even taught as a second language in the schools. All the road signs are in English as well as Greek, so you won’t have language barrier. Cypriots drive on the left too, and so you can easily explore the beauty of the island while driving by yourself. Not only this, Cypriots have a reputation of being one of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

With that said, however you choose to spend your Cyprus holidays, there is a good chance that once you have explored this beautiful Island it will entice you back to its sunny coasts time and again.

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North Cyprus Holidays- A Look at the Best Beach Hotels

The beautiful island of North Cyprus has so much to offer to its tourists- exquisite scenery, interesting history, and lovely beaches. The whole area has a plethora of hotels to choose from offering you all the world-class facilities. However, if you are looking for an idyllic location in the sun, which is close to the sea, why not choose a beautiful beach hotel? Choosing a beach hotel in North Cyprus is an ideal decision, which makes your holiday to North Cyprus all the more memorable. Given below is a rundown of the best beach hotels in North Cyprus:

Salamis Bay Conti Hotel, Famagusta

Located on sweeping Famagusta Bay, with its private sandy beach just beyond the swimming pool, this hotel is one of the most popular options among tourists. It offers you both hotel rooms and villas for a luxuriously relaxing holiday and also many other facilities, such as gym, extensive sun terraces, and much more. The hotel is ideal too as a base for exploring nearby ancient Salamis, and the Karpas Peninsula.

Acapulco Beach Club Hotel, Kyrenia

Reputed to be the best in the whole of North Cyprus, Acapulco Beach Club Hotel is a short stroll down a palm-lined path from the large swimming pool and the kid’s aqua park. So whether you wish for an exciting slide, slow float or gentle sea paddle, it is not more than five minutes’ walk from your hotel room. The hotel also contains an efficient team of trained staff who can spa massage away your stress, and revitalize you with a variety of treatments including reflexology and aromatherapy.

Arkin Palm Beach Hotel, Famagusta

Arkin Palm Beach Hotel is a beautiful 5-star establishment that enjoys a privileged position on the one of the finest sandy stretches of beach in North Cyprus. The hotel’s location is complemented by its classy décor and excellent service. In serene and comfy surroundings you can enjoy relaxing on the sun terrace that surrounds the swimming pool, or on the warm sands of the hotel’s private beach.

With that said, while Cyprus is the ideal getaway for lovers, friends and families, the combination of a luxurious beach hotel, its many attractions, and the glorious weather make North Cyprus holidays all the more memorable for you like never before.


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Cyprus Holidays- Things You Must Experience

Cyprus Holidays- Things You Must Experience

Cyprus is a great island that attracts many families to spend a vacation of complete joy and excitement. It is a popular holiday destination among people, and offers a broad range of things to experience other than its scenic beauty, and magnificent sandy beaches.


While Cyprus is becoming an established destination for exciting winter sports, skiing is one activity that you would surely not want to miss. Skiing on the Mount Olympus is a great way to enjoy the activity amidst the beautiful natural landscapes of Cyprus.

Water Diving

If you love discovering remains or shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea, Cyprus is a perfect spot for exciting choices of water dives. The Zenobia shipwreck is rated as one of the world’s top-ten diving locations. However, Larnaka is also considerably a good base for diving.  


Cycling is another activity that you would love to enjoy in Cyprus. It serves as the most effective way to explore the serene atmosphere and scenic beauty of the island. Bicycles on rent are easily available in the resorts and towns.

Limassol Wine Festival

The annual Limassol Wine Festival has been running since 1961 in Cyprus, and is usually accompanied by folkloric music and amazing dance events. The festival is indeed worth to experience.         


Birdwatching is another interesting event that you must experience in Cyprus. The island has about 350 different bird species including the huge flocks to small clusters, which makes this event a must-watch.

Zanettos Taverna

Allegedly one of the oldest traditional taverns, this place has a great reputation. Many locals flock here, and it’s definitely worth joining them.

Renting Holiday Villas

While there is so much to experience when on a holiday in Cyprus, one of the best ways to enjoy this beautiful island is to stay in rented holiday accommodations. By renting a holiday villa you will be able to experience the local food and culture of Cyprus in the best possible way. 



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Kyrenia Tourism Guide

Home to a magnificent harbor front and some beautiful sandy beaches, Kyrenia is one of the leading tourist spots on the coastline of North Cyprus. Despite being a small town, more and more tourists are discovering the rare beauty and peaceful settings of Kyrenia. However, the joy of this Mediterranean town is not just limited to its picturesque beauty. It has a lot more to it with its 6,000 year old history as an inhabited spot and its lively and energetic culture.

Kyrenia TourismImage Guide

Places to Visit

  • Kyrenia Castle: This fascinating castle is definitely worthy of a visit while you are on a holiday in Kyrenia. Built by the Venetians in the 16th century, housing a 12th century chapel, this castle makes for hours of historical sightseeing.
  • Bellapais Monastery: Located in the Five Finger Mountains, the Bellapais Monastery is an outstanding piece of religious architecture. Other than enjoying the historical value and architectural beauty of this place, you will also enjoy the most stunning views with beautiful backdrops here. 
  • St Hilarion Castle: If you are in quest for some peace and tranquility on your Kyrenia holiday, St Hilarion Castle is a perfect place to visit. Originally established as a monastery, there is a spiritual ambience attached to this castle combined with the beautiful scenic setting. This offers visitors a peaceful and tranquil experience.

Things to Do

While Kyrenia’s coastline features rocky coves and many beautiful beaches, there are a lot of watersport activities that you can enjoy here, including, parascending, wind surfing, scuba diving, water-skiing and jet-skiing. Other than these, you can also enjoy the exciting Kyrenia range walks, adventurous orchids walk, horse riding, and golfing. 

Places to Eat

Kyrenia is home to numerous fantastic restaurants and bars. From the smallest to the largest, from basic to the level of five-star luxury, every kind of restaurant that you could imagine can be found here. However, The Ambiance, Stone Arch and Bella Moon are some of the finest restaurants of Kyrenia where you must give a visit once.

Places to Stay

There are a number of outstanding hotels in Kyrenia providing you an extremely pleasant as well as an exciting stay. Some of such hotels include, The Hideaway Club Hotel, Merit Crystal Cove Hotel, Pia Bella Hotel, and Denizkizi Hotel. Each of these hotels provides you lovely meals, luxurious rooms, a variety of in-house activities and beautiful backdrops. 

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Major Tourist Attractions in Northern Cyprus

Visiting Northern Cyprus ? Make sure you don’t miss following tourist attractions

Northern Cyprus is undoubtedly a beautiful island paradise teeming with natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. Here, you witness calm, unobtrusive friendliness that has genuine warmth to it. The climate has always been kind to the island, as has the nature. Although every modern amenity is found here easily, you are also met with miles of deserted beaches and open countryside. It is a perfect holiday destination if you are looking for something exotic like this at a reasonable price.

Must visit places in Northern Cyprus

The place has several tourist attractions, such as, the wonderful architecture and fascinating historical sites, and beauty of the Mediterranean. However, following outlines a list of places in North Cyprus that you must visit to make your vacation a long-lasting experience in your memories.


Kyrenia is basically known for its ancient harbor and castle. Walking sideways Kyrenia’s historic harbor avenue, and passing colorful fishing boats and yachts, you will discover the magnificent historic Kyrenia Castle. The castle houses the fascinating Shipwreck Museum that contains one of the oldest shipwrecks ever recovered. Also, the place is surrounded by some of the best beaches in North Cyprus, where you can sit and relax under the warm sun giving yourself a break from the hassles of the world.

Bellapais Monastery

Built from 1198-1205, the Bellapais Monastery was a beautiful creation of King Hugh III of France. Today, it holds a special place in Northern Cyprus’s architectural inheritance and is one of the major tourist attractions. Standing on the Bellapais Abbey, you get a spectacular view of the Kyrenia coast. Also, the place is famous for its renowned International Bellapais Music Festival, which introduces tourists to the rich culture and traditions of North Cyprus.


Famagusta is a beach resort with fine golden sands and an outdoor museum with its ancient relics. Being in Famagusta, you can visit places like Roman ruins of Salamis, the impressive Othello Tower, the Lala Mustafa Pa’a Mosque, Enkomi, Namik Kemal Dungeon & Museum, St. Francis Church, St. Barnabas Monastery and Icon & Archaeology Museum. The true nature lovers can also explore the beauty of Karpaz peninsula, which covers the best beach on the island, the Golden Beach.


Nicosia is another fascinating city to explore when you visit North Cyprus. The only divided city in the world, it is the capital of both North and South Cyprus. The Selimiye Mosque, the Mevlevi Museum, Great Inn and the Armenian Church are some of the best places to visit in Nicosia.
All in all, North Cyprus has quite a lot to offer to its visitors but it is impossible to describe the variety and the absolute beauty of the place completely. However, one thing is for sure, whether you visit Kyrenia, Bellapais Monastery, Famagusta or any other tourist spot you would want to visit the place time and time again. Thus, plan a North Cyprus holiday and experience the sheer beauty of the island covered in the rich shades of gold.

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Two Centre Holidays

Why not have the best of both worlds, enjoy the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul with its glittering mosques, rich velvet night spots, beautiful vistas and fantastic history – combine with the beautiful island of North Cyprus with its unspoilt beaches, away from mass tourism, sample the legendary hospitality of the Cypriot people. Flexible twin centre holidays combining Istanbul and North Cyprus.

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